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"Sam Barone takes us on a journey to help Christians regain their belief in prayer – beliefs that line up with practical results that can lead to a more connected and intimate relationship with God. From the basics of prayer theology to common questions about prayer, Sam takes the reader on a guided journey that culminates in a how-to-pray guide that will transform you, your church, and those whom God brings you into contact with.

This guide, along with your Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit, can bring new vitality to your prayer life. Prayer is something nobody is born an expert at it; no one ever masters it. However, we need to learn, and that is what this study guide will help you do.
 “Lord, teach us to pray.” – Luke 11:1(b) "
Pastor Mark Turansky
Pacific-Islands Bible Church
Author of Figure it, Face it & Fix it


"These are my "gut" feelings: I love it when I read a book that: makes sense, is easy to understand, is simple to follow, not overbearing, not over my head with big words and theological concepts. I can definitely see this book being used as a small group resource!"
Barbara L.


“This book is well written and easy to read, yet provides an in depth look at prayer. The author says the book is meant for study groups, and the format of the book follows this objective. I like how questions are clearly posted at the end of each chapter and reiterated in the following chapter. Each question is numbered and the answers to the questions follow. There is ample space for the reader to write notes at the end of the chapter. The chapters are meaningful, yet short enough to complete for a weekly bible study, even for a busy person.The book is written with easy to understand language, the format is easy to follow. At the same time, there are many scriptures and biblical references made to support each point. I also enjoy that the author is merely informing us about prayer and provides some conviction, but never condemnation. The book is realistic and informative and helps the reader to understand why prayer is important in the life of a Christian.”

Kuiyin R H C

Kate Buccigross Redman

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you“- Jeremiah 1:5   

Maryann Lorts Blog

Prayer, God's Answer

There are many outstanding religious literary works that expand upon the Holy Scriptures and give insight into prayer. Great works have attempted to answer difficult and rudimentary questions such as:​

  • ​What is prayer?
  • Is there a right way to pray?
  • How can I ensure my prayers are answered? 
  • Who do we pray to and why?

Unfortunately, there are few literary resources that take the reader by the hand and, by walking through the Holy Scriptures, practically teach why and how to pray. This text is not a cookbook of recipes and formulations that passively feeds the reader, like a mother feeds her toddler a cookie drenched in milk.

This is a guide designed to cause the reader to actively and fervently seek out the Living God through a series of questions. These questions, specifically inspired by the Holy Spirit, are intended to challenge the reader through prayer to digest the spiritual meat within the Holy Scriptures. It is this author’s prayer that the reader will unlock the power of prayer and, in doing so, grow closer to Christ, know who they truly are in Christ, and have purposeful life more abundantly.

In Prayer, God’s Answer the fundamentals of prayer quickly lead the reader to wonderful crescendos of revelation. The reader’s focus begins to shift from the near-sightedness of simply having prayers answered. Soon, the reader understands that prayer is a gift from God. The ultimate purpose of prayer is to bring one to a place where the Holy Spirit transforms them for God’s glory as they become more like Jesus. The mystery of how this happens through God’s love is appreciated in Prayer, God’s Answer. -Samuel J. Barone III