Samuel J. Barone III

Bubbling Springs Books

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you“- Jeremiah 1:5

For 13 years, Sam practiced at Barone Christian Chiropractic Family Center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Peggy. They served the body of Christ as well as the lost. The number of miracles performed by the mighty hand of God and witnessed by Dr. Sam and his patients is too numerous to count. It was also during this time that Dr. Sam began to receive some understanding of God’s sovereignty. Sometimes God would answer prayers for healing by calling patients to their heavenly home. 

While maintaining a full-time practice, Dr. Sam received formal training in God’s Word through attending Greater Works Bible College in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. He also taught grade school at their academy. 

In 2002, God called Sam and Peggy to Honolulu, Hawaii. While performing his duties as a Federal Investigator in the area of public health, he is also active in his local church, Pacific Islands Bible Church. Sam Barone is a Christian Inspirational Speaker and has presented messages on faith, worship, and Christian growth. At times, he and Peggy open their home to weekly small group Bible studies, where relationships such as marriage are strengthened through God’s love. The focus of Sam’s messages is growing closer to God by knowing Christ through the Holy Scriptures, prayer, revelation from the Spirit of God, and spiritual discipline.

About the Author

And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. – Habakkuk 2:2, ESV

Sam Barone has had several ministries during his walk with Christ. He received an Honorable Discharge after serving in the military for four years and then attended college in Los Angeles, California. After 8 years, he earned several degrees including a doctorate in chiropractic. It was during his time in Chiropractic College that Sam came to Jesus because of the fervent prayers of Christians who would not take no for an answer. 

It was in response to his pastor’s request to teach a course on prayer that this study guide was created. It is Sam’s hope, prayer, and expectation that, by faith, God’s endless blessing, received through exercising spiritual disciplines such as prayer and the study of the Holy Scriptures, will draw you closer to Christ and therefore God the Father. That the Father’s love and His Holy Spirit’s wisdom give you a deeper understanding of why prayer is the answer that propels us into a closer walk with Christ!

Sam and Peggy are transitioning to a life of full-time RV living where he hopes to continue to work as a Christian Author. This new ministry is devoted to traveling the country sharing the good news of a life with Jesus to the RV community in small group settings. This ministry also includes Sam sharing his gift as a teacher of the Bible’s fundamental truths in a refreshing and inspiring manner to the body of Christ in churches and gatherings of all sizes. Seminar information can be found at