“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you“- Jeremiah 1:5


Sam Barone has had several ministries during his walk with Christ. He received an Honorable Discharge after serving in the military for four years and then attended college in Los Angeles, California. After 8 years, he earned several degrees including a doctorate in chiropractic. It was during his time in Chiropractic College that Sam came to Jesus because of the fervent prayers of Christians who would not take no for an answer.



Sam Barone is a dynamic and exciting Christian Inspirational Speaker. Sam and Peggy are transitioning to a life of fulltime RV living. This new ministry is devoted to traveling the country and sharing the good news of a life with Jesus to the RV community in small group settings. This ministry will enable Sam to share his gift as a teacher of the Bible’s fundamental truths in a refreshing and inspiring manner to the body of Christ in churches and gatherings of all sizes.


Christian Author

In Prayer, God’s Answer the fundamentals of prayer quickly lead the reader to wonderful crescendos of revelation. The reader’s focus begins to shift from the near-sightedness of simply having prayers answered. Soon, the reader understands that prayer is a gift from God. The ultimate purpose of prayer is to bring one to a place where the Holy Spirit transforms them for God’s glory as they become more like Jesus. The mystery of how this happens through God’s love is appreciated in Prayer, God’s Answer.


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In ‘Prayer, God’s Answer’, Sam Barone reveals prayer as a gift from God intended to help us in our quest for more of Him. However, because of our focus on the answers to our prayers, we often miss out on how God uses prayer in our quest. It is in the pursuit of God, and not necessarily the answers to our prayer, that He uses to change our life. Our lives are changed and our image becomes more His image of us when we allow His Holy Spirit to work in our heart. This can only happen because of the love found in Jesus Christ.

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